Why Proyecto Raíces?

Why Proyecto Raíces?

Both the word Project as the word Roots have meanings that are directly tied to our identity as an Entity with Social and Environmental Commitment.



Project implies that we have a purpose and a plan to carry out this purpose.

    • We want to help citizens, organizations and companies to have sustainable practices through our educational services.

Roots has a triple meaning, since it involves the Ecological, Local and Human aspects.


    • Love and respect nature
    • Understand that natural resources are not infinite and that humans have a responsibility to conserve them.
    • Reducing and reversing our environmental impact


    • Loving the environment in which we live
    • Loving our neighbor
    • Support the local economy, especially small and medium-sized businesses.


    • Desire and need to return to our rootsThe decisions, behaviors and practices of our ancestors that were in harmony with nature.